Lobster Tools R1A1 Lightweight Industrial Air Riveter


Lobster Tools R1A1 Lightweight Industrial Air Riveter
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The Lobster Tools R1A1 by Lobtex is an advanced lightweight air operated industrial riveter.

The innovative design elements of the R1A1 Pneumatic Riveter from Lobster Tool have won it the Good Design Award for its enhancement of the industry. The compact construction of this riveter incorporates a reduced diameter frame head and a left/right adjustable air fitting for easy access to the work piece, along with a slender handle and lightweight body for comfortable handling over extended periods.

The R1A1 boasts a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, delivering a 19mm stroke and a capability to set standard blind rivets up to 3/16” in size in a single trigger action.

Plus, a 30% reduction in air consumption of this high performance riveter makes it an eco-friendly alternative to most competitive air riveters on the market today.


Brand: Lobster

Part Number: R1A1

Imported: Japan

Length: 295mm (11.61")

Height: 265mm (10.43")

Weight: 1.1kg (2.43 lbs)

Stroke: 19mm (.75")

Rivet Size: 2.4mm - 4.8mm (all materials)

Product Code: R1A1

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